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Palm Con 2012

 This past weekend we attended Palm Con in lovely West Palm Beach Florida. It's by far my favorite one day comics show. It's fun and and very family friendly (a trait that's hard to find) The show's proprietor
Martin Pierro of Cosmic Times really strives to put together a a show that's safe for kids of all ages. 

One of the things on sale this year was the Official Palm Con t-shirt.

I designed the image with some
direction from Martin. The idea was to focus on comics icons and specifically icons that kids would know instantly. This design was printed live at the show by Jordan Steele Thompson and The Fine Print Shoppe. It was great to see folks walk around with the shirt all day. A few even  came to my table to got the signed.

We filled our table this year with a brand new crop of prints as well as doing my special brand of cartoony caricatures. Here are a few of the highlights:

This is a custom Dr.Who based on the happy customer. I love using elements the subject is wearing and combining it with the iconography of the characters they love to create something familiar but unique to them.

This art was done as a prize for the kids costume contest winner. She was originally dressed as Boba Fett (Star Wars) and now she has the art to commemorate her first place win.


This Batman Adventure Time mash up was really fun to draw. The subject was dressed head to toe in Bat-logo gear and surprised me by requesting Finn, the Hero of Adventure Time. She's also quoted along with me in this Sun Sentinel article and the show.

If you're in the West Palm Beach ear please consider stoping by next year.


Project Rooftop's Fan Art Friday's

This past week Project Rooftop posted their latest instalment of Fan Art Friday. This weeks featured character was Lois Lane, Superman's most well known co-worker and occasional wife/girlfriend. I modeled my version on her classic 50's Superwoman costume.Fan-art-friday: Lois Lane

Just to keep things interesting for me I switch up my medium and work traditionally. It's a good way to make sure my drawing and painting skills stay up to par. It's also fun to show that I'm more than just a stylus jocky.

I've also been featured on past instalments of PR's Fanart Friday.

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